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Established in 2016, Soil Works Lawn Care carries on the all-natural principles of its parent company, Soil Works LLC.  We believe in getting to the root of the problem, which many times is the quality of the soil.  We identify and analyze the problem, then we select chemical-free products that will work best for you.


The products we use are made by us here in Yankton. We have scientifically created and blended our products to meet the soil’s wants and needs. This means we have a better understanding of how our products work and how they can help you.  Why would you want products put on your lawn that are bought from a mass distributor with very little understanding of what is in them and how they work.

Our products have been tested and proven on many different crops for more than 15 years. From corn and beans to alfalfa and wheat, we have helped farmers make the switch to organic farming. We want to help everyone become environmentally friendly with how they treat the soil. So with the same principles in mind we created Soil Works Lawn Care.

Introducing Our Main Man…

Blake Merritt

Blake Merritt

Chief Lawn Guy

I am from the “Good Life” in Lincoln, NE. After high school I went to Midland University in Fremont, NE where I graduated with a Business major and Biology Minor while playing collegiate football. During my freshman year of college I started working for a conventional lawn care company and continued to work for the same company for a short time after I graduated. Then, my “grown up” life started and I got engage to my now wife. At the point I realized I wanted something more. That was when I heard about the position at Soil Works. Talk about perfect timing. So in 2016 my wife and I moved to Yankton, SD to start my career with Soil Works.
Soil Works was interested in having an organic lawn care company using their products. For the previous five years I had worked with a lawn care company and gained valuable experience and knowledge working with lawns. I spent quite some time learning about organics and all the benefits that come with it. I started working with a few local lawns and using our products on them. Before I knew it we had quite a bit of interests in what we were doing and from there we started Soil Works Lawn Care.
Outside of work I enjoy hunting and fishing, hanging out with family and friends and anything that involves being outside!

One Lawn, One Customer At a Time

We want everyone to have the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are playing on a safer lawn.

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