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How do I get rid of dandelions?

Dandelions look like pretty little yellow flowers to kids, but to people trying to maintain a healthy lawn, they are a huge nuisance!

Dandelions are a perennial or biennial plant that generally will live a few years before dying off. They spread like wild fire and can take over a lawn quickly.

It is normal to have a few dandelions pop up, but if you take care of them quickly you can stop them before they spread. It is also more likely you’ll have dandelions if your lawn is thin or mowed really short.

The best way to deal with dandelions is to:

**Mow high –  a thick healthy lawn mowed high is your best defense. This helps prevent new dandelions from sprouting and makes it tougher for existing dandelions to thrive.

**Use chemical-free fertilizers to help create a thick lawn, which will make it more difficult for new dandelions to sprout.

**Remove individual dandelions in the spring with a weed pulling tool.  Using a weed pulling tool can be fun since it gets you outside, plus it is therapeutic to see the instant results!  Spring is the best time to pluck dandelions because the soil is soft so you can get a lot of the root out, plus all the plant’s energy is up in the flower, so if you miss any of the root it is less likely to become a new plant.

How often should I mow my yard?

More frequent mowing helps to keep grass clumps off your yard. Mowing every 7-10 days should do the trick during summer months.

However, during peak growings seasons (spring and fall) you will want to mow more often.

Mulching vs. bagging - which is better?

Grass clippings are full of nutrients. By mulching your yard you are returning those nutrients back to the soil.

Grass clippings also provide shade to the soil and root zone.

Why is it important to have sharp mower blades?

Dull blades tear at the grass, rather than cut it.  Sharp mower blades are definitely recommended!

When should I water my yard?

The best time to water is right before the sun comes up.  This allows your yard to dry out during the day. Watering overnight does not allow your yard to dry out fast enough, which could invite fungi and mold.

How long should I water?

Watering for 20-30 minutes allows for deeper root growth and is recommended.  When you water for only 10 minutes, the roots are not encouraged to push deeper into the soil.

Depending on the weather, it is recommended you water 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes.

Should I water after an application?

Yes, most definitely!  It is highly recommended that you water after any application of products.

When is the best time to seed my lawn?

For best results, seeding should be done in late August or early September. If you wait until October it can severely reduce establishment before winter. Do not seed when soil temperatures are warm enough for germination, but when there is not enough time left before winter for good establishment. It is be better to seed after soil temperatures cool so germination will not occur until the following spring. This is defined as dormant seeding and it is usually more effective than spring seeding and only slightly less effective than August/September seeding.

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