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Benefits of Chemical-Free

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Check out our services below. We can tailor a program that is perfectly suited for you.

Our natural lawn care program features SIX applications throughout the year of our chemical-free fertilizers. Our goal with our natural fertilizer program is to create a healthy soil environment for lush, thick turf to grow.

To achieve these results we use nutrient-based fertilizers that feed your soil what it wants and needs, rather than toxic pesticides and synthetically blended fertilizers. The specific products, rates of application, and method of application will vary with the season, weather conditions, and the needs of your lawn.

Who wouldn’t want peace of mind knowing that their children and pets are playing on a safer, chemical free lawn?

Also available are:

  • Additional weed suppression with seasonal spot chemical weed control:  Build your lawns resistance to weeds with our natural lawn care program and take care of weeds as they appear with our spot chemical treatment. This service is FREE with our natural lawn care program.
  • Natural grub and flea control:  White grubs, which are the larvae of beetles, lay eggs in the soil during the summer. Grubs emerge and start feeding on your lawn in the early fall.  However, by the time grub activity is discovered, the damage has already been done. The lawn will brown out quickly and pull up like carpeting due to extensive root damage. The cost to replace a damaged lawn could be expensive. To control grubs we use naturally occurring microorganisms, called nematodes. These nematodes are non-toxic and actually feed on the insects that damage your turf, such as white grubs and fleas.

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Our natural tree and shrub program consists of an application in the spring and an application in the fall that will provide your trees or landscaping with all the nutrients they need to grow healthy. We use a “root feeder” that we stick into the soil to reach your root zone and inject our chemical-free fertilizers.

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Aerating your lawn is a great way to improve your overall lawn condition. By aerating the lawn you open up the soil, which allows for more oxygen flow to the root zone.  Aerating also reduces compaction for a softer lawn that your kids can enjoy.

Aerating before we fertilize your lawn can also serve as a great boost to the fertilizer. Aeration allows the fertilizer to get into the soil quicker and may give you a better result.

The same is true for over-seeding. If you have a thin lawn or want to introduce a new grass type to your lawn, over-seeding is a great, affordable, way to do this. Having a thick lawn with multiple grass types can increase disease resistance and crowd out weeds leaving less soil surface for weeds to pop in.

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If you have a newly constructed house and need a lawn, but don’t want to pay the outrageous price to bring sod in, no problem. Seeding your lawn is a great opportunity for you to get the grass type you want instead of whatever the sod farm grows. By seeding the lawn you’re establishing the roots in the soil they are going to be growing in. This creates a healthier environment that can grow stronger and fight off weeds and diseases better. For more information on how long seed takes to grow or what is all involved in the process feel free to give us a call.

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